1945 NFL Awards
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Player of the Year Bob Waterfield Cleveland Rams OFF
Player Position Team Selectors
Joe Aguirre E Washington Redskins INS
Jim Benton E Cleveland Rams AP NY PFI
Don Hutson E Green Bay Packers AP UP NY PFI
Steve Pritko E Cleveland Rams UP INS
John Adams T Washington Redskins PFI
Frank Cope T New York Giants AP
Elbie Schultz T Cleveland Rams INS
Emil Uremovich T Detroit Lions UP NY
Al Wistert T Philadelphia Eagles AP UP INS NY PFI
Stan Batinski G Detroit Lions PFI
Augie Lio G Boston Yanks INS NY
Riley Matheson G Cleveland Rams AP UP NY PFI
Bill Radovich G Detroit Lions AP UP INS
Charlie Brock C Green Bay Packers AP UP INS NY PFI
Bob Waterfield QB Cleveland Rams AP UP NY PFI
Steve Bagarus HB Washington Redskins AP
Sammy Baugh QB Washington Redskins UP INS NY
Fred Gehrke HB Cleveland Rams PFI
Jim Gillette HB Cleveland Rams INS
Bob Margarita HB Chicago Bears NY
Steve Van Buren HB Philadelphia Eagles AP UP INS NY PFI
Frank Akins FB Washington Redskins INS PFI
Ted Fritsch FB Green Bay Packers UP
Bob Westfall FB Detroit Lions AP
AP=Associated Press INS=International News Service NY=New York Daily News OFF=Official PFI=Pro Football Illustrated UP=United Press
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