Bass, Marvin Crosby
Born: August 28, 1919 Norfolk, VA
Died: December 3, 2010 Bltyhewood, SC
High School: Petersburg (VA)
College: William & Mary [1939fr 1940L 1941R 1942R]
Draft: 16th round (141st overall) 1943 Detroit Lions
Draft: 16th round (141st overall) 1943 Detroit Lions
Military Service: United States Navy
Record Key
Regular SeasonPlayoffs
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTGWLTPCT
1952 Washington Redskins (NFL)AmericanLine512480.333
1966 Montreal Beavers (COFL)WesternHEAD COACH314770.500
1967 Montreal Beavers (COFL)Atlantic NorthHEAD COACH312480.333
1968 Buffalo Bills (AFL)EasternOffensive Line5141121.107
1969 Buffalo Bills (AFL)EasternOffensive Line3144100.286
1970 Buffalo Bills (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Backs4143101.250
1971 Buffalo Bills (NFL)AmericanEasternOffensive Backs5141130.071
1974 Birmingham Americans (WFL)CentralDefensive Coordinator2201550.7502201.000
1975 Birmingham Vulcans (WFL)EasternHEAD COACH112930.750
1978 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WesternAssistant Coach216943.656211.500
1979 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WesternDefensive Line2161240.750211.500
1980 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WesternDefensive Line316970.563101.000
1981 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WesternDefensive Coordinator5166100.375
1982 Denver Broncos (NFL)AmericanSpecial Assistant129270.222
1983 Denver Broncos (NFL)AmericanWesternSpecial Assistant316970.563101.000
1984 Denver Broncos (NFL)AmericanWesternOffensive Line1161330.813101.000
1985 Denver Broncos (NFL)AmericanWesternSpecial Assistant2161150.688
1986 Denver Broncos (NFL)AmericanWesternSpecial Assistant1161150.688321.667
1987 Denver Broncos (NFL)AmericanWesternSpecial Assistant1151041.700321.667
1988 Denver Broncos (NFL)AmericanWesternSpecial Assistant216880.500
1989 Denver Broncos (NFL)AmericanWesternSpecial Assistant1161150.688321.667
1990 Denver Broncos (NFL)AmericanWesternSpecial Assistant5165110.313
1991 Denver Broncos (NFL)AmericanWesternSpecial Assistant1161240.750211.500
1992 Denver Broncos (NFL)AmericanWesternSpecial Assistant316880.500
1998 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)NationalWesternAssistant to the Head Coach1161420.875321.667
1999 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)NationalWesternAssistant to the Head Coach3165110.313
2000 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)NationalWesternAssistant to the Head Coach5164120.250
2001 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)NationalWesternAssistant to the Head Coach416790.438
2002 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)NationalSouthAssistant to the Head Coach216961.594211.500
2003 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)NationalSouthAssistant to the Head Coach4165110.313
22 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach3321571714.47918108.556
4 Years (CFL)Assistant Coach6436253.5865230.400
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