Bicknell, Jack
Born: February 20, 1938
High School:
1959Montclair State
Relatives: Father of Jack Bicknell, Jr.; brother of Bob Bicknell
Record Key
Regular SeasonPlayoffs
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTGWLTPCT
1991 Barcelona Dragons (WLAF)EuropeanHEAD COACH210820.800211.500
1992 Barcelona Dragons (WLAF)EuropeanHEAD COACH110550.500
1995 Barcelona Dragons (WLAF)HEAD COACH310550.500
1996 Barcelona Dragons (WLAF)HEAD COACH410550.500
1997 Barcelona Dragons (WLAF)HEAD COACH210550.5001101.000
1998 Barcelona Dragons (NFLE)HEAD COACH410460.400
1999 Barcelona Dragons (NFLE)HEAD COACH110730.700101.000
2000 Barcelona Dragons (NFLE)HEAD COACH310550.500
2001 Barcelona Dragons (NFLE)HEAD COACH110820.800101.000
2002 Barcelona Dragons (NFLE)HEAD COACH610280.200
2003 Barcelona Dragons (NFLE)HEAD COACH410550.500
2004 Scottish Claymores (NFLE)HEAD COACH610280.200
2005 Hamburg Sea Devils (NFLE)HEAD COACH410550.500
2006 Hamburg Sea Devils (NFLE)HEAD COACH510360.350
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