Campbell, Rick
Born: December 20, 1970
High School: Harry Ainlay (Edmonton, AB)
Washington State
Relatives: Son of Hugh Campbell
Record Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCT
1999 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestSpecial Teams/Linebackers3186120.333
2000 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestSpecial Teams/Defensive Backs2181080.556
2001 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestSpecial Teams/Defensive Backs118990.500
2002 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestSpecial Teams/Defensive Backs1181350.722
2003 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestSpecial Teams/Defensive Backs1181350.722
2004 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestSpecial Teams/Defensive Backs218990.500
2005 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestDefensive Backs3181170.611
2006 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestDefensive Coordinator4187110.389
2007 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestDefensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs4185121.306
2008 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)EastDefensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs2188100.444
2009 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)EastDefensive Backs/Special Teams3187110.389
2010 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WestRunning Backs1181350.722
2011 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestAssistant Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator2181170.611
2012 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WestDefensive Coordinator2181260.667
2013 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WestDefensive Coordinator1181440.778
2014 Ottawa REDBLACKS (CFL)EastHEAD COACH4182160.111
2015 Ottawa REDBLACKS (CFL)EastHEAD COACH1181260.667
2016 Ottawa REDBLACKS (CFL)EastHEAD COACH118891.472
2017 Ottawa REDBLACKS (CFL)EastHEAD COACH218891.472
2018 Ottawa REDBLACKS (CFL)EastHEAD COACH1181170.611
2019 Ottawa REDBLACKS (CFL)EastHEAD COACH4183150.167
2021 British Columbia Lions (CFL)WestHEAD COACH414590.357
2022 British Columbia Lions (CFL)WestHEAD COACH2181260.667
8 Years (CFL)HEAD COACH14061772.443
15 Years (CFL)Assistant Coach2701481211.550
1999 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestSpecial Teams/Linebackers101.000
2000 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestSpecial Teams/Defensive Backs101.000
2001 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestSpecial Teams/Defensive Backs101.000
2002 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestSpecial Teams/Defensive Backs211.500
2003 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestSpecial Teams/Defensive Backs2201.000
2004 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestSpecial Teams/Defensive Backs101.000
2005 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestDefensive Backs3301.000
2008 Winnipeg Blue Bombers (CFL)EastDefensive Coordinator/Defensive Backs101.000
2010 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WestRunning Backs101.000
2011 Edmonton Eskimos (CFL)WestAssistant Head Coach/Special Teams Coordinator211.500
2012 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WestDefensive Coordinator321.667
2013 Calgary Stampeders (CFL)WestDefensive Coordinator101.000
2015 Ottawa REDBLACKS (CFL)EastHEAD COACH211.500
2016 Ottawa REDBLACKS (CFL)EastHEAD COACH2201.000
2017 Ottawa REDBLACKS (CFL)EastHEAD COACH101.000
2018 Ottawa REDBLACKS (CFL)EastHEAD COACH211.500
2022 British Columbia Lions (CFL)WestHEAD COACH211.500
5 Years (CFL)HEAD COACH9540.556
12 Years (CFL)Assistant Coach199100.474
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