Gansz, Francis vanRennsselaer
Born: November 22, 1938 Altoona, PA
Died: April 27, 2009 Dallas, TX
High School: Taylor Allderdice (Pittsburgh, PA)
Military Service: United States Navy
Relatives: Father of Frank Gansz, Jr.
Record Key
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCT
1967 Long Beach Admirals (COFL)PacificLine71010.000
1978 San Francisco 49ers (NFL)NationalWesternSpecial Teams4162140.125
1979 Cincinnati Bengals (NFL)AmericanCentralSpecial Teams4164120.250
1980 Cincinnati Bengals (NFL)AmericanCentralTight Ends/Special Teams4166100.375
1982 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanTight Ends/Kicking Teams119360.333
1983 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEasternTight Ends/Special Teams4165110.313
1984 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEasternTight Ends/Special Teams516691.406
1985 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEasternTight Ends/Special Teams416790.438
1986 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWesternAssistant Head Coach/Kicking Teams2161060.625
1987 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH5154110.267
1988 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWesternHEAD COACH5164111.281
1989 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralSpecial Teams316790.438
1990 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralSpecial Teams3166100.375
1991 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralSpecial Teams1161240.750
1992 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralSpecial Teams5165110.313
1993 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralSpecial Teams1161060.625
1994 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)NationalWesternAssistant Head Coach/Offense316790.438
1995 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)NationalWesternAssistant Head Coach/Offense216970.563
1996 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)NationalWesternAssistant Head Coach/Special Teams4163130.188
1997 St. Louis Rams (NFL)NationalWesternSpecial Teams/Offensive Assistant5165110.313
1998 St. Louis Rams (NFL)NationalWesternSpecial Teams/Offensive Assistant5164120.250
1999 St. Louis Rams (NFL)NationalWesternSpecial Teams/Offensive Assistant1161330.813
2000 Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)AmericanCentralSpecial Teams Coordinator416790.438
2001 Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL)AmericanCentralSpecial Teams Coordinator5166100.375
2 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH318221.274
21 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach3291371911.418
1986 Kansas City Chiefs (NFL)AmericanWesternAssistant Head Coach/Kicking Teams101.000
1991 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralSpecial Teams211.500
1993 Detroit Lions (NFL)NationalCentralSpecial Teams101.000
1995 Atlanta Falcons (NFL)NationalWesternAssistant Head Coach/Offense101.000
1999 St. Louis Rams (NFL)NationalWesternSpecial Teams/Offensive Assistant3301.000
5 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach844.500
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