Harbaugh, John W.
Born: September 23, 1963 Perrysburg, OH
High School: Pioneer (Ann Arbor, MI)
1983Miami (Ohio)Lettered
Relatives: Son of Jack Harbaugh; brother of Jim Harbaugh
Record Key
2019 Associated Press NFL Coach of the Year
2019 Pro Football Writers of America NFL Coach of the Year
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCT
1998 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Teams5163130.188
1999 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Teams5165110.313
2000 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Teams2161150.688
2001 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Teams1161150.688
2002 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEastSpecial Teams1161240.750
2003 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEastSpecial Teams1161240.750
2004 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEastSpecial Teams1161330.812
2005 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEastSpecial Teams4166100.375
2006 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEastSpecial Teams1161060.625
2007 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEastSecondary416880.500
2008 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH2161150.688
2009 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH216970.563
2010 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH2161240.750
2011 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH1161240.750
2012 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH1161060.625
2013 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH316880.500
2014 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH3161060.625
2015 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH3165110.313
2016 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH216880.500
2017 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH216970.563
2018 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH1161060.625
2019 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH1161420.875
2020 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH2161150.688
2021 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH417890.471
2022 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH2171070.588
15 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH242147950.607
10 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach16091690.569
2000 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Teams211.500
2001 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEasternSpecial Teams321.667
2002 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEastSpecial Teams211.500
2003 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEastSpecial Teams211.500
2004 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEastSpecial Teams321.667
2006 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)NationalEastSpecial Teams211.500
2008 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH321.667
2009 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH211.500
2010 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH211.500
2011 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH211.500
2012 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH4401.000
2014 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH211.500
2018 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH101.000
2019 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH101.000
2020 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH211.500
2022 Baltimore Ravens (NFL)AmericanNorthHEAD COACH101.000
10 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH20119.550
6 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach1486.571
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