Mora, James Ernest
Born: May 24, 1935 Glendale, CA
High School: University (Los Angeles, CA)
College: Occidental [1953 1954R 1955R 1956R]
Military Service: United States Marine Corps
Relatives: Father of Jim Mora, Jr.
Record Key
1987 Associated Press NFL Coach of the Year
1978 Seattle Seahawks (NFL)AmericanWesternDefensive Line216970.563
1979 Seattle Seahawks (NFL)AmericanWesternDefensive Line316970.563
1980 Seattle Seahawks (NFL)AmericanWesternDefensive Line5164120.250
1981 Seattle Seahawks (NFL)AmericanWesternDefensive Line5166100.375
1982 New England Patriots (NFL)AmericanDefensive Coordinator79540.556101.000
1983 Philadelphia Stars (USFL)AtlanticHEAD COACH1181530.833211.500
1984 Philadelphia Stars (USFL)EasternAtlanticHEAD COACH1181620.8893301.000
1985 Baltimore Stars (USFL)EasternHEAD COACH4181071.5833301.000
1986 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternHEAD COACH416790.438
1987 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternHEAD COACH2151230.800101.000
1988 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternHEAD COACH3161060.625
1989 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternHEAD COACH316970.563
1990 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternHEAD COACH216880.500101.000
1991 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternHEAD COACH1161150.688101.000
1992 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternHEAD COACH2161240.750101.000
1993 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternHEAD COACH216880.500
1994 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternHEAD COACH216790.438
1995 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternHEAD COACH516790.438
1996 New Orleans Saints (NFL)NationalWesternHEAD COACH1/24/58260.250
1998 Indianapolis Colts (NFL)AmericanEasternHEAD COACH5163130.188
1999 Indianapolis Colts (NFL)AmericanEasternHEAD COACH1161330.813101.000
2000 Indianapolis Colts (NFL)AmericanEasternHEAD COACH2161060.625101.000
2001 Indianapolis Colts (NFL)AmericanEasternHEAD COACH4166100.375
15 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH2311251060.541606.000
5 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach7333400.452101.000
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