Owen, Stephen Joseph (Stout Steve)
Born: April 21, 1898 Cleo Springs, OK
Died: May 17, 1964 Oneida, NY
High School: Enid (OK)
College: Phillips [1920 1921 1922 1923]
Relatives: Brother of Bill Owen
Playing RecordRecord Key
Regular SeasonPlayoffs
YEAR TEAMConferenceDivisionPositionSeqFinishGWLTPCTGWLTPCT
1931 New York Giants (NFL)HEAD COACH514761.536
1932 New York Giants (NFL)HEAD COACH512462.417
1933 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH1141130.786101.000
1934 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH113850.6151101.000
1935 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH112930.750101.000
1936 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH312561.458
1937 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH211632.636
1938 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH111821.7731101.000
1939 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH111911.864101.000
1940 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH311641.591
1941 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH111830.727101.000
1942 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH311551.500
1943 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH210631.650101.000
1944 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH110811.850101.000
1945 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH310361.350
1946 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH111731.682101.000
1947 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH512282.250
1948 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH312480.333
1949 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH312660.500
1950 New York Giants (NFL)AmericanHEAD COACH1121020.833101.000
1951 New York Giants (NFL)AmericanHEAD COACH212921.792
1952 New York Giants (NFL)AmericanHEAD COACH212750.583
1953 New York Giants (NFL)EasternHEAD COACH512390.250
1956 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)EasternDefense612381.292
1957 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)EasternDefense512480.333
1958 Toronto Argonauts (IRFU)Assistant Coach4144100.286
1959 Toronto Argonauts (IRFU)Assistant Coach4144100.286
1961 Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL)WesternHEAD COACH4165101.344
1962 Saskatchewan Roughriders (CFL)WesternHEAD COACH316871.531202.000
1963 Syracuse Stormers (UFL)EasternHEAD COACH1/2/37070.000
1959 Toronto Argonauts (IRFU)HEAD COACH2/23/47250.286
1960 Calgary Stampeders (WIFU)HEAD COACH3/35/312651.542202.000
23 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH26815110017.5951028.200
2 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach247161.313
4 Years (CFL)HEAD COACH5121273.4414040.000
2 Years (CFL)Assistant Coach288200.286
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