Pardee, John Perry
Born: April 19, 1936 Exira, IA
Died: April 1, 2013 Centennial, CO
High School: Christoval (TX)
College: Texas A&M [1953fr 1954L 1955L 1956L]
Draft: 2nd round (14th overall) 1957 Los Angeles Rams
Playing RecordRecord Key
1979 Associated Press NFL Coach of the Year
1973 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEasternLinebackers2141040.714101.000
1974 Florida Blazers (WFL)EasternHEAD COACH1201460.700321.667
1975 Chicago Bears (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH3144100.286
1976 Chicago Bears (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH214770.500
1977 Chicago Bears (NFL)NationalCentralHEAD COACH214950.643101.000
1978 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEasternHEAD COACH316880.500
1979 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEasternHEAD COACH3161060.625
1980 Washington Redskins (NFL)NationalEasternHEAD COACH3166100.375
1981 San Diego Chargers (NFL)AmericanWesternAssistant Head Coach/Defense1161060.625211.500
1984 Houston Gamblers (USFL)WesternCentralHEAD COACH1181350.772101.000
1985 Houston Gamblers (USFL)WesternHEAD COACH3181080.556101.000
1990 Houston Oilers (NFL)AmericanCentralHEAD COACH216970.563101.000
1991 Houston Oilers (NFL)AmericanCentralHEAD COACH1161150.688211.500
1992 Houston Oilers (NFL)AmericanCentralHEAD COACH2161060.625101.000
1993 Houston Oilers (NFL)AmericanCentralHEAD COACH1161240.750101.000
1994 Houston Oilers (NFL)AmericanCentralHEAD COACH1/24/410190.100
1995 Birmingham Barracudas (CFL)SouthHEAD COACH3181080.556101.000
11 Years (NFL)HEAD COACH16487770.530615.167
2 Years (NFL)Assistant Coach3020100.667312.333
1 Year (CFL)HEAD COACH181080.5561010.000
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