Antwine, Houston J.
Height: 6-0 Weight: 265
Born: April 11, 1939 Louise, MS
Died: December 26, 2011 Memphis, TN
High School: Manassas (Memphis, TN)
College: Southern Illinois [1957L 1958L 1959L 1960L]
Draft: 8th round (63rd overall) 1961 Houston Oilers; 3rd round (38th overall) 1961 Detroit Lions
Roster KeyStat KeyCoaching Record
1962 Boston Patriots (AFL)65RDT-LDT141
1963 Boston Patriots (AFL)65RDT1414
1964 Boston Patriots (AFL)65RDT1414
1965 Boston Patriots (AFL)65RDT1414
1966 Boston Patriots (AFL)65RDT1414
1967 Boston Patriots (AFL)65RDT1313
1968 Boston Patriots (AFL)65RDT1414
1969 Boston Patriots (AFL)65RDT1414
1970 Boston Patriots (NFL)65RDT1414
1971 New England Patriots (NFL)76/65RDT33
1972 Philadelphia Eagles (NFL)75RDT149
1961 Boston Patriots (AFL)65ROG-LOT-LOG-RDT-LDT9
12 Years (NFL)151124
1963 Associated Press All-AFL
1963 United Press International All-AFL
1963 The Sporting News All-AFL
1963 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-AFL
1963 New York Daily News All-AFL
1966 United Press International All-AFL
1966 The Sporting News All-AFL
1966 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-AFL
1966 New York Daily News All-AFL
1967 New York Daily News All-AFL
1968 Newspaper Enterprise Association All-AFL
1968 The Sporting News All-AFL
1969 The Sporting News All-AFL
1965 Boston Patriots (AFL)122.020
Career Totals (NFL)122.020
1967 Boston Patriots (AFL)0001100
1970 Boston Patriots (NFL)00011110
Career Totals (NFL)00022110
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