Smith, Charles Aaron
Height: 6-7 Weight: 292
Born: February 28, 1945 Nacogdoches County, TX
Died: August 3, 2011 Los Angeles, CA
High School: Pollard (Beaumont, TX)
College: Michigan State [1963 1964L 1965L 1966L]
Draft: 1st round (1st overall) 1967 Baltimore Colts
Relatives: Brother of Tody Smith; brother of Willie Ray Smith
Roster KeyStat Key
1967 Baltimore Colts (NFL)78LDT-RDT130
1968 Baltimore Colts (NFL)78LDE1414
1969 Baltimore Colts (NFL)78LDE1414
1970 Baltimore Colts (NFL)78LDE1414
1971 Baltimore Colts (NFL)78LDE1414
1973 Oakland Raiders (NFL)77LDE1212
1974 Oakland Raiders (NFL)77LDE1413
1975 Houston Oilers (NFL)77LDE123
1976 Houston Oilers (NFL)77DE40
9 Years (NFL)11184
1970 United Press International All-AFC
1970 The Sporting News All-AFC
1970 Pro Football Weekly All-AFC
1970 Pro Bowl All-AFC
1971 Associated Press All-NFL
1971 Pro Football Weekly All-NFL
1971 Pro Football Writers of America All-NFL
1971 Associated Press All-AFC
1971 United Press International All-AFC
1971 The Sporting News All-AFC
1971 Pro Football Weekly All-AFC
1971 Pro Bowl All-AFC
Career Totals (NFL)28.0
1968 Baltimore Colts (NFL)0001100
1969 Baltimore Colts (NFL)0002200
1974 Oakland Raiders (NFL)0001100
Career Totals (NFL)0004400
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